Jun 16

It's been a while since I've posted but I feel compelled to share this video (it changed my life and just might change yours too) – Kung Fury:


Aug 26

Been a while since I've posted anything…so here is this :)


Jan 18

Yeah…the whole Harlem Shake thing is a bit old, and this video may be fake, but I still think it's funny cheeky

Aug 22

Prerequisite Info: The likely man-made sinkhole in Assumption Parish, Louisiana was triggered by a mining/storage operation and has been growing since 2012

Yesterday, the unofficially named "Lake FUBAR" (sometimes aka the "Bayou Corne Hole") was filmed swallowing a tree (ok, several trees) sad
(HD Recommended)




It was filmed doing this last month (water does not flow like this in an inland body of water…)


It is suspected that the thing may somehow connect to the Gulf of Mexico (accounting for some of this tidal-like activity), along with other underground deposits of methane and other fun stuff…

If you would like to learn more…

Jul 8

Just browsing youtube when I came across this, the full-length film Trinity and Beyond:


Narrated by William Shatner; highly recommended in HD yes
Basically just a documentary about the history of nuclear weapon development up until around 1990. There is lots of very good stock footage of nuclear explosions, and some interesting information about the true "weapons of mass destruction".

I'm entirely sure how "legit" this is or if it will stay around on youtube for a while, but if you haven't seen this film, you should watch it.

Apr 27

This is a cool urban exploration video I happened across recently. These guys do some really crazy and suspenseful running around in the New York City subways, and some other things; worth a watch if you have 28 minutes cool


UNDERCITY from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.

Jul 21

Unite and fight (and keep sharing :))

Take this "message" with a grain of salt, but also consider what the US government tried to do by getting this guy arrested in New Zealand…

Jun 25

Hello…posting due to popular demand (…right? ;) )

At any rate, enjoy: