Aug 26

Been a while since I've posted anything…so here is this :)


Jan 18

Yeah…the whole Harlem Shake thing is a bit old, and this video may be fake, but I still think it's funny cheeky

Apr 27

This is a cool urban exploration video I happened across recently. These guys do some really crazy and suspenseful running around in the New York City subways, and some other things; worth a watch if you have 28 minutes cool


UNDERCITY from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.

Mar 10

"That shit DETONATED" :)

Jun 25

Hello…posting due to popular demand (…right? ;) )

At any rate, enjoy:


Dec 1

Just watching this video makes me uneasy…I hope he doesn't have an unfortunate accident one of these days…

Oct 22

Just a cool compilation I found (and a warning…a few of these are fake)

Oct 11

Owned by a Red Hartebeest