Jul 21

Unite and fight (and keep sharing :))

Take this "message" with a grain of salt, but also consider what the US government tried to do by getting this guy arrested in New Zealand…

Feb 25

Long live Rocky, the 27 pound lobster from Maine, set free to seed the oceans with more giant crustaceans

(If you are not already using it, I very highly recommend you use adblock so you don't have to sit through the ad for the weather channel video; here it is for chrome, but I'm not sure if it will block video ads like the firefox extension does)


For the first video, you may need to right-click and select full screen to be able to see the play button…


Sep 24

The occupy wall street protests have been going strong for a week today, and it looks like more people are continuing to show up

I think you can follow updates on twitter with the #occupywallstreet or #occupywallst hash tags. You can get to the "official" IRC chat channel in your browser at http://chat.indymedia.org/ (server irc.indymedia.org), channel #occupywallstreet
Also the livestream feed is running 24/7, please consider just leaving it open to bump up the viewer count 😉

Direct link to the live stream

Also some more links:

Sep 16

A plane crashes into the grandstand at an air show in Reno, Nevada (will update if more videos become available)



Unofficially…from the comments: "KABC-7 in Los Angeles is reporting 12 dead, 50 critically injured, and 50 minor injuries. Aircraft type reportedly was one of the P-51 Mustangs – developed a problem and unfortunately flew into some of the box seating in front of the grandstands. According to the video they showed, it appeared to be down on the west end."

Aug 14

Apparently 5 killed (so far) :(


Lots of news stories with more info

Mar 13

Update: 2 explosions now:

Mar 12

Some of the more interesting videos of the recent tsunami in Japan. I wish everyone who has been affected well and hope that loss of life and damage are minimal. (I will add more videos here as I find them)


Inside the Sendai Airport:


This one is apparently near the San Francisco Bay:



This is from a coastal city called Miyako:


More footage from the air (HD):




First landfall:



The tsunami at sea before landfall:

Mar 4

War on drugs? I really hope this gets blown wide open and the US public is made aware of what is going on at the highest levels…  And a link for those not familiar with the ATF