Aug 11

Jail-bar Thunderbolt!!!1

Just some random stuff I ran across on IRC; this is the original video :)

May 15

I find The Lonely Island to be kind of hit or miss, but I really enjoyed their recent song/video (the first Pirates of the Caribbean was the best :P)

Apr 8

Just randomly found this the other day, but I think you have to be from Pennsylvania to fully appreciate this song/video ;)

Feb 21

Here's a good reason to watch CSI (yes it is still on TV)

Dec 24

Happy Xmas (& holidays, etc…)

Dec 15

I saw this on reddit today and just felt like spreading the love ♥♥♥

Jul 5

Is a bad ass mother fucker

Bruce Willis from wreckandsalvage on Vimeo.

May 17

Just a few of my favorite trance selections…… (in no particular order)
(These music videos seem to disappear from youtube a lot, if one of them is broken please leave a comment to let me know that I need to fix it)


(Also some good footage of Eve Online in this next video :) )


(feat. Vega 4 I think ;) )

Apr 30

I'm not sure why I hadn't heard of this before this week, but it is a very catchy tune
"You know what you wanna do with that right? Put a banging donk on it!"

Apr 27

The first non-official StarCraft2 video I've seen so far, set to the tune of Banana Phone:

Feb 26

From the same people who brought you BadgerBadgerBadger ;)

Nov 18

Another gem that was discovered via IRC; 16-bit awesomeness and also NSFW