Mar 24

Apparently written by a 5 year old, this is of surprisingly high quality

Feb 26

From the same people who brought you BadgerBadgerBadger ;)

Oct 27

Here’s an animation that is just about as old as the internet itself; originating I believe circa 2001. For the non-enlightened, more information can be found here and here.


Sep 17

Not quite sure how old this one is, but it’s pretty old

(Joseph Smith!)

Also available as a conveniently looping .swf file here

Aug 1

Some high quality mashups of music, memes, and lulz.

I don’t know the source of these files, or even if there may be more of them, but the 4 posted below were found here (there’s a bunch of quality stuff there, worth a look around if you’re bored). The .swf files themselves list a name MackanZoor, and are from 2007; the audio tracks listed below each video are also what’s reported in the .swf file. The videos don’t have a progress bar or anything, but each one is around 5 minutes long, and you can download them for yourself here. They may take a while to load, but you can click play and effectively stream them when they hit around 50-60%.

(NOTE: These are extremely NSFW)

Audio Track: DJ WyZz – The 7th Inning Stretch

Audio Track: Chef Boyardee – Barkley, Shut Up And Jam

Audio Track: Hideki Naganuma, Teruhiko Nakagawa – Right There, Ride On

Audio Track: IOSYS – ????????????? (track 11)

Feb 17

A classic from weebls-stuff circa 2003. This was one of the first widespread internet memes even before the days of youtube; truly some oldschool internets

The original can be found here.
Since they auto-play (which kind of obnoxious unless you’re expecting it) and weren’t meant for direct embedding, some other classics from the same site:
Kenya (and also the spinoff Somalia), Magical Trevor, scampi (this one is good if you’ve never seen it), and annoying (be careful with this one)

Sep 9

This is really old flash video which I believe popped up right around the time of 9/11 and all that Afghanistan/Iraq clusterfuckery. It’s been floating around for a while and is still one of the funniest flash videos I’ve ever seen. Enjoy