Feb 25

Long live Rocky, the 27 pound lobster from Maine, set free to seed the oceans with more giant crustaceans

(If you are not already using it, I very highly recommend you use adblock so you don't have to sit through the ad for the weather channel video; here it is for chrome, but I'm not sure if it will block video ads like the firefox extension does)


For the first video, you may need to right-click and select full screen to be able to see the play button…


Aug 18

This is an old flash video that I think originated from newgrounds. The first 28 seconds or so is just an intro, so if you are impatient just skip ahead…

Apr 19

I found this on reddit a few days ago, I don't know the original source but I think it's a very good little illustration. (Appropriately enough, it involves lobsters as well :D)

Nov 10

(an instructional guide, step 1 is the most important)

Mar 1

Some more oldschool internets:
"Magnet's made of iron, lobster made of meat!" 

Feb 24

So does these guyz