May 17

Space Shuttle Endeavour Launch STS-134

Just some videos of the launch

May 16

Space Shuttle Launch STS-134 Broadcast

I was just informed (I had forgotten) that the STS-134 Space Shuttle launch is supposed to happen today. If you manage to catch this in the next 2 hours or so you can tune in and watch 🙂  I will probably follow up with videos of the launch later on today

Free video chat by Ustream

May 15

I find The Lonely Island to be kind of hit or miss, but I really enjoyed their recent song/video (the first Pirates of the Caribbean was the best :P)

May 11

Judge Judy – “Dumb And Dumber”

Another golden moment from everyone's favorite daytime TV Judge

May 2

Strange Radar Anomalies + Area 51 = ???

Preamble: I would recommend everyone bookmark the url to the current national radar loop ( ) and check it several times daily ;)

So I was busy going about my internet business, doing some armchair investigations when I happened to notice a strange beam on radar emanating southern Nevada:
(This beam actually seemed to sweep ever so slightly from west to east, you can find a link to the full animated gif loop at the bottom of this post)


A few hours later, I saw another beam coming from Northern Colorado which seemed to be pointing roughly to the area where the other beam had been seen previously:


Being curious, I decided to overlay the full size national radar loops on top of each other to see if these beams did in fact point to the same area. I just took one frame from each loop and changed the opacity so that you can sort of see both of them at once. Then I drew some lines originating from the source of each beam on the radar:
(Click the image to view full size which is much easier to see. You can also see the actual time/date stamps on the full loops linked at the bottom of this post)


The intersection point, roughly, seems to be some place in south-central Nevada, strangely close to Area 51. I decided to pull up Google maps to see what I might find.

Due to the radar image being slightly distorted and squashed, it was fairly difficult to estimate the point of intersection based only on rough observation, and I am still trying to see if it is possible to determine any kind of exact co-ordinates. After some poking around trying to base the location on county boundaries and other geographical features (switching between Google earth which shows county lines and Google maps which does not), I began to carefully zoom in. The first major landmark that caught my eye was the presence of a road called "Extraterrestrial Highway".

As I started to get close to the area that I thought it looked like the beams intersected on the map, I started to notice some black spots with lines emanating radially out from their centers; you can see Extraterrestrial Highway to the northeast, and Area 51 lies about 25 miles to the Southwest (click image to view full size, click here for Google maps link)


Upon zooming in very close on the dark spot in the bottom left, you can see something that is very…strange, for lack of any better explanation:
(click the image for full size view, click here for the Google maps link)


So what does all of this mean? I have no idea…probably nothing…or maybe a UFO was being tracked by radar…or maybe there has been some sort of green toxic spill in the Nevada desert…or maybe I just need to stop thinking about this kind of stuff. At any rate, due to some requests I've typed this all up into a post for all to see and share and come to your own conclusions


Also as promised, here are the links to the original radar loops which show the beam-type signatures on them; take note that the beam seems to sweep left–>right in the first loop: 1 & 2

Brief Update After Publishing This Post: Looks like there are more beams over the same area of Nevada

Just as an additional disclaimer, I do not claim any ownership of these images, they are likely property of the National Weather Service and Google