Feb 25

Space Shuttle Discovery Launch STS-133

In case anyone missed yesterday's successful launch of Space Shuttle Discovery:

There are only 2 more shuttle launches planned, one in April, and one in June, but they will likely be delayed as seems to be the routine. If I can find a good quality HD video of this launch in at least 1080p I will provide a link.

Feb 24

Skydiving Close Call

This dude was VERY lucky that the other guys he was with were paying attention

Feb 21

Dubstep Hits Justin Bieber Harder Than Puberty

Here's a good reason to watch CSI (yes it is still on TV)

Feb 20

What Is Bitcoin?

Whenever I talk about bitcoin, people always give me blank looks and empty stares as no one seems to know or even care about this (hopefully) up and coming new currency. I happened across this video on the bitcoin site and thought that I would post it here as it is rather informative and I can also refer people here when they ask what bitcoins are ;)

Feb 9

People Flying Over Mountains

Quite literally, flying. Sommeone linked this in an IRC channel and I just thought it was cool

Wingsuit Basejumping – The Need 4 Speed: The Art of Flight from Phoenix Fly on Vimeo.

Feb 7

Moonbase Alpha Provides A Realistic Simulation…

…of life on a natural satellite (JOHN MADDEN?)

Moonbase Alpha…

Feb 6

Family Feud – Things That Get Passed Around

Some good wholesome fun for the whole family