Oct 26

Shadow.net Movie Piracy

Albeit having a bit of a cheesy title…this is a dramatization of how "the scene" works (sort of, maybe, roughly…).

From the youtube description:
I've Seen Films – International Film Festival – www.icfilms.org – Director: John V. Knowles (USA) – Greg McKenna (Screen Name: Deckard) is a member of a top-secret online piracy group known only as 'Damage,' or DMG. Tired of being bested by other groups with access to the latest stolen films, Greg jumps at the chance to raise DMG's rep with a huge score of Marvel's latest release. Though the other members are wary of this risky endeavor, Greg reassures them that his source, brought to his attention by his online girlfriend, Molly, is reliable, and that they can trust him. However, when three men show up at Greg's door the night of the release, it appears the source was a set-up by the feds.. or was it?

Admittedly this is a long video. I highly recommend it if you have 20 minutes to spare and have ever downloaded any form of "1337 juarez"

Oct 12

Minecart Interstate

I've recently caught the minecraft bug…it's a fairly simple yet epic and very addicting game…see for yourself

Oct 1

Why I Hate And Love Skaters

The title of the youtube video…I think this is a compilation of bloopers from one of the Skate games