Mar 30

I’m On A Boat!

Yet another internet meme is making its rounds. People are starting to take it to the next step, and now it’s popping up IRL in some places


(And for those of you still not "in the know", enjoy  )
You may recognize these guys as The Lonely Island, also known for performing Jizz In My Pants.

Mar 25

Testing of Nuclear Waste Transportation Vessels

A rather informative, interesting, and just plain badass video about the endurance testing of flasks designed to transport nuclear waste. This is "Operation Smash Hit", as conducted by the UK in 1984. This is what happens when a locomotive traveling at 100mph is run into a very heavy stationary object.


This is another video of tests conducted by the Sandia National Laboratories in the US, and is equally as badass. Where else are you going to get the excuse to strap some rocket engines onto a diesel locomotive and then crash it? 

Mar 24

The Website Is Down: Excel Hell

These guys are known for their original video "Sales Guy vs. Web Dude", which is an exceptional piece of IT-related satire. As is typically the trend with sequels, the original is better, but that’s not to say that this one isn’t worth watching.

And as an added bonus:

Mar 23


(The music is less than desirable in some of these, but they’re more about the eye candy than the audio supplement)

First, there was the (somewhat…but not really) revolutionary surf_fruits



Then, came the slightly more polished surf_vegetables




And finally, after much anticipation and speculation, the latest release from Velocity Studio, surf_animals



All of these lovely maps can be played on [F10]Surf-n-Turf, more info can be found on the F10 community portal

Mar 20

Top 60 Ghetto Black Names

Oh my…

Mar 15

Over-Powered Power Wheels

Power wheels can, in fact, be serious business
(Bonus points for the appropriate music)

Mar 10

Nations of the World

Does anyone remember Animaniacs?

And for those paying especially close attention, there are several nations mentioned which now have different names than what they’re called in this song

Mar 5

Train Hits Truck, Truck Hits Man

"A man in Turkey survived after he was stuck during a collision between a train and semi-truck."


Mar 3

New Terminator Salvation Trailer


And just as a bit of nostalgiac good measure:

I think that, in order of epicness, the Terminator movies should be ranked as follows: 2, 1, 3
A lot of people didn’t really like 3, but I thought it was pretty well done. It also conveniently provides a bridge for 4/Salvation; not to mention that T3 was also hilarious.

Mar 1

Lobster Magnet

Some more oldschool internets:
"Magnet's made of iron, lobster made of meat!"