Sep 30

When Harmless Pranks Go Wrong

Another old but good clip. This was on one of those compilations where the guy jumps out of the trash can and scares people, but this particular guy makes the whole video

Sep 29


I don’t remember where exactly I found this, but the caption was something along the lines of "a match made in heaven" which I thought was pretty clever

Sep 26

Beer + Animal Suits + German Techno = ???

I’m not really sure what to make of this video, but I couldn’t stop watching it

The song is:
Lützenkirchen – 3 Tage wach

Sep 24

Ice Cream?!

Sep 18

Washington Trees

It’s simply the name of the jpeg, but I’m sure you can figure out why. I hope you enjoy this little satire as much as I did

Sep 15

Truck Gets Owned by Train

Sep 9

End of the World

This is really old flash video which I believe popped up right around the time of 9/11 and all that Afghanistan/Iraq clusterfuckery. It’s been floating around for a while and is still one of the funniest flash videos I’ve ever seen. Enjoy


Sep 8


This video recently made an appearance on slashdot and is worth a watch if you have even a moderate interest in the Large Hadron Collider. If you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy some science rap about the LHC