Aug 28

Public Fisting

This looks like a photoshop, but it still made me laugh

Aug 24

Bus Overturned by a Tornado

I’m not sure what the story is behind this video, but I feel bad for the people on that bus

Aug 24

John McCain Said it First (Cunt)

From the youtube video description:
"Dedicated to those too squeamish to discuss an incident related to the temperament and character of a guy who’d like to be President.

McCain’s freaky-mean ’92 outburst is a well-sourced story found in Cliff Schecter’s book "The Real McCain." Due to the particularly profane nature of the offense it would probably be useless to wait for the press to give it the full-on, endlessly repeating, 24-7 Reverend Wright treatment. So we’d love to help."

Aug 22

Will it blend? Spoof Edition

I’m sure many have seen the will it blend videos featured on using the crazy $800 Blendtec blenders (also posted quite some time back at This is a spoof I ran across quite some time ago, when the above videos were still relatively new. Enjoy the scissors and rocks


Aug 21

“Project Upstream”

Today I was going about my business when I received an instant message on AIM from the screen name TorchedTrout, with a seemingly random question:

TorchedTrout: What is your purpose in living?

Naturally I was rather intrigued by this, so I played along and sent a response which was somewhat serious. After a bit of idle smalltalk I asked the user on the other side how they got my screen name. It turns out that there exists a group who has created quite an interesting project/experiment, it seems to be known as Project Upstream. It’s a fairly interesting concept which involves randomly connecting AIM screen names which have essentially been data-mined from the profiles of various social websites. More information can be found at and if you just want to add your screen name to be potentially randomly messaged you can do so here (although I’d recommend at least taking a look at the first link). Apparently this has been going on since mid 2006, but it must be relatively unknown if it’s taken me until now to hear about it

The "official website" has a cool little logo too (which seems not to be loading right now…maybe they don’t allow offsite links)

Aug 18

Falcon Punch!

An oldie but goodie

Aug 14

The Count: Censored

With many of these censored clips from Sesame Street actually being fairly humorous, it kind of makes one wonder if the writers have more than one motive when they write the scripts…

Aug 5

The March of Shame

Yet another quality production from

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