Apr 30

Is it just me, or does this guy sound a bit like Christopher Walken?

Apr 29

4 Kittens and a soda box

Apr 24

Extreme Beer Pong?

I wouldn’t want to play against this guy

Apr 23

One of the better ones from The Onion


While on the topic of The Onion, here’s another good one that a friend sent me:

Apr 14

James Brown YEEEEAH

Some video of a coked-up James Brown sometime in the 1980’s from the looks of it


Apr 6

Don’t fuck with Korean archers

Apr 1

Judge Joe Brown and Male Strippers

Basically, some guys made up a story and managed to get it aired on Judge Joe Brown. The reactions of everyone are simply priceless, and if you want to know more of the back story, there is a link to a second video in below video’s comments.