Feb 24

Want doritos?

So does these guyz

Feb 21

Ronald McDonald Insanity

Some crazy video of Japanese origin, depicting….well, I’m not entirely sure. Although, I am fairly sure this is part of the reason that crack is illegal.


Feb 17

Music done only with sounds from Windows

Feb 15


Yeah, that’s what I thought

Feb 13

Thou willst be smitten

Even if you’re Jesus, apparently


Feb 13

<3 the po-lice

Apparently the officer in this video, from the Baltimore police department, is on paid suspension at the time of this posting. It would be nice if people like him weren’t in charge of "protecting and serving", if you were to ask me at least… Kids being typical quasi-obnoxious 14 year olds, skateboarding where they’re not supposed to, do not deserve to be treated like this, nor should police officers be allowed to show such disrespect to otherwise law-abiding citizens.

The story can be found here

Feb 1