Nov 16

You Fucking Hammered Me!

Some drunk moron decides he’s going to go at it with the cop, but gets his ass handed to him, hard.

Nov 12

Death by RCT3

This is brilliant:

Nov 11

Robot Chicken

These are the things I miss not a whole lot of watching TV:

Nov 11

Rubens’ Tube

I recently installed the stumbleupon toolbar (which was probably a bad idea, it just gives me more reason to procrastinate when I’m trying to write a lab report, and now it’s easier than ever), and came across this interesting video of a Rubens’ Tube.

From wikipedia:
A length of pipe is perforated along the top and sealed at both ends – one seal is attached to a small speaker, the other to a supply of a flammable gas. The pipe is filled with the gas, and the gas leaking from the perforations is lit. When the speaker is turned on, the pressure changes caused by the sound waves will cause the flames to heighten in some areas and to lower in others. If a constant frequency is used, it is possible to determine the wavelength by simply measuring with a ruler.

Nov 9

Will it blend?

Marbles, in a blender?

They have quite a few…interesting videos; I want one of those blenders.

Nov 8

Have a look for yourself